Above & Beyond, Live

So we finally had the chance to shoot the most amazing group of people, Above & Beyond, Internet Sensation who always produce magical music. But who are Above & Beyond?

Above and Beyond is a progressive trance English group with three guys: Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki. The trio was formed in 2000. These guys host a weekly radio show, Group Therapy Radio and they own Anjunadeep and Anjunabeat London-based electronic dance music labels. The inspiration of the name “Above and Beyond” came after Jono came across a website of an American trainer whose name was also Jono Grant and used “Above and Beyond” as his slogan and they decided to use that as their group name.

The trio have grown big through the years. Like in 2007, 31st December, they performed for an estimated one million people at Barra Beach in Rio. The group have been nominated for a lot of awards and they have won a number of them too. The trio have produced a number of radio shows since 2004. In 2012 Above and Beyond became producers of a weekly show, Group Therapy Radio, which airs every Friday at 7PM UCT +1 on YouTube Facebook and Twitch for two hours.

The show was spectacular and full of energy as the crowd the good vibes from the trio’s music as it filled the arena. The light show was also amazing, as is the case with these type of shows involving electronic dance music, and it created it created a spectrum of technicolour that amplified the ambiance and sent the crowd into a trance.

People could not put their hands down during the show. They waved them around and pumped them up and down, which is a sure sign that people are feeling the music, and others lifted each other in their shoulders to view this powerful performance. When each song reached the climax, the crowd jumped up and down, dancing and shouting with excitement and exhilaration. North Water Star also had a good time.

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