Aditya Weds Vedika Malpani

Intimate, professional, and natural style wedding photography by North Water Star. View here the graceful wedding photo set of Aditya and Vedika Malpani as they decided to wed in a traditional Indian wedding ceremony that had a lot of class and fun.

All the pre-wedding ceremonies meant to prepare Aditya and Vedika for their special day were carried out in spectacular fashion. The henna was applied during the mehendi ceremony in an intricate floral pattern on Aditya’s hands and feet. The sangeet was fun, and there was plenty of dancing and singing in a more modern setting. The guest dressed to impress, and so did Aditya and Vedika; showing that these two are indeed like-hearted individuals.

In India, weddings are culturally significant ceremonies with rituals, which are can be both serious and fun, meant to create an everlasting bond between two souls. This is where the stress and hard work of planning such spectacular events like Indians weddings pay off.

When the auspicious day arrived, Vedika went in full traditional Indian wedding attire. He was is a stunning white sherwani with a turban on his head and a red scarf on his neck for the Gath Bandhan ceremony (which will tie to his bride’s chueny to symbolize their union). Aditya wore the traditional red lehenga for her auspicious day and looked perfect from her hairline and jewellery to her make and mehendi. The guest arrived with smiles. The women wore colourful gowns to mark the happy occasion and the men kept it decent.

By the time the evening arrived and it was time for the ceremony, Aditya and Vedika were ready and performed each ritual with all their heart. There was an air of sentimentality that coursed through the venue this night, making it one night they will always remember. They had done everything the way they wanted and threw a traditional and classy event; an event which North Water Star were more than delighted to capture.

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