Akanksha Chaudhary weds Ankush Bhatia

Intimate, personal and professional, North Water Star captured the wedding day of Akansha and Ankush in real-time. Explore to see our photography is action.

On the first day a mehendi ceremony took place. Ankansha’s feet, legs, hands and arms were painted with mehendi in the presence of her family, relatives, and friends. This took place at a pool side. Akansha and her guest wore flower crowns on their heads and it was a colourful event. Then later on, a pandit (priest) prayed for them together with their family for a happy married life.

Then later a pre-wedding ceremony took place the night before the main wedding, where Akansha and Ankush’s families met and partied. This is a party that is held mainly for both families to meet and get to know each other. Lots of flowers were thrown at Akansha and Ankush as a symbol of good luck to both of them. People danced, ate and drunk and it was such a memorable night.

Photos were taken of them applying makeup on each other, and their families and friends joined in the fun and took some nice photos together with them in the hotel lobby. Every seemed to be ready for the festivities of the next day and were excited.

During the main wedding ceremony, the bride, Akansha wore a beautiful cream white and red lehenga with beaded designs. She added in some gold jewellery (an Indian headpiece and nose ring) and a gold necklace. Ankush wore a red and gold sherwani.

Akansha’s parents gave her way to her husband, and then a special ceremony happened where a mangala sutra (two gold pendants tied in two by the groom to symbolise 100 years of bonding) was tied around Ankush and Akansha’s neck. This is done in Indian weddings instead of exchanging rings. This was such an emotional night full of tears of joy and smiles.

After the ceremony Ankush’s brother escorted her outside and then she left for her mother in laws house where a welcoming ceremony happened.

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