Ankita Chatterjee & Dushyant Singh Engagement

Traditional Indian Engagement with lots of memories and unforgettable moments leading up to the special day. For best photographers in Bangalore who can capture the best photos for any event, try out Keep scrolling to see our amazing photography in action for the engagement ceremony of Ankita Chatterjee and Dushyant Singh.

Just like in any other part of the world, it is customary to throw a big engagement party in India where the parents to the bride and groom to-be formally announce the wedding to guests and that their children and their families will become one.

Ankita and Dushyant looked more than prepared because on this night, their wedding date will be set and that is pretty much exciting for everyone involved. Rings were exchanged to signify that Ankita and Dushyant belong to each other. In Indian, the engagement ceremony also marks as the starting point of the wedding proceedings, so it important for a great number of reasons. It is only natural that emotions will be high on a night like this and both families will have plenty to celebrate.

I took a few snaps of Ankita getting dolled up for on this great day. She chose a lovely traditional lehenga for night and some stunning oriental jewellery to match her outfit. After her engagement, she will be in wedding planning mode and this comes with a lot of stress for any would-be bride, but it is all worth it in the end.

Dushyant was looking dashing is his western suit, simply oozing with class. He looked very happy and pleased for the rest of ceremony. .

Speaking of the ceremony, it was amazing! Some very intimate and meaningful rituals were performed to prepare the couple for their upcoming auspicious day and wish them luck. Overall, it was a great day for two the souls to begin their journey of becoming one. .

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