Anshul Chodha Weds Ava Dharmana

It was interesting how I met this couple. I was shooting brunch at Shiros, UB City on an assignment for Hard Rock Café, and I saw these lovely two birds being romantic with each other and I just couldn’t resist. Since I was lucky enough to have a zoom lens with me, I took a few shots in my own style and they ended up being amazing.

Eventually, I just had to show them how beautiful they looked together as a couple. I approached them, showed them a photo I liked and they loved it too. I had good feeling about these love birds, and as luck would have it, many months later, they booked me for their wedding. But little did I know that they were quite a Celeb couple!!! :p

The wedding was spectacular and traditional in every sense. Everyone was poised to have fun, so it was very interesting to take photos of this very joyous occasion.

Ava made a very beautiful bride. She went full on in her traditional attire, which was perfect. She couldn’t help but also show off her mehendi, which transformed her hands and feet into masterful pieces of art – simply stunning. Anshul looked stunning in his sherwani (wedding suit) and mojori (flat shoes made of leather that the hand a curl at the toes).

The couple were very photogenic and the ceremony was out of this world. They danced in front of everyone and many customary rituals were performed, making the occasion lively and meaningful. This was accompanied by some waterworks, since emotions are usually high when the rituals are being performed.

Anshul and Dharmana will never forget this day, and I was truly honoured to be here and create a lasting memory for them. I never know where my photography will take me, but I’m glad I was here, all because I took an opportunity on a bright sunny day – a day which I would never forget.

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