This album features the best collections of One Nite Stand (Universal Music Group Label), Hoobastank, Raghu Dixit and many more captured by North Water Star. We have had the honour of capturing photos of different bands and artists during different concerts and shows.

Hoobastank is an American rock band that was founded in California, Aguora Hills in 1994. The group has four males: a lead Singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer. These great men were signed under Island records for 11 years (From 2001 to 2012). In these 11 years they released five albums. We managed to capture a few photos of them performing at one of their shows.

We also captured Raghu Dixit in action at one of his shows. Raghu Dixit is a producer, songwriter, and the lead Singer of Raghu Dixit Project, which is a polyglot folk music band. Raghu has performed many shows in many countries and has also produced music for many dance and theatre productions. He has also won a couple of awards.

One Nite Stand, has entertained its audience in India and around the world for a while. A band of four young men signed under Universal Music Group label. They met at a mutual friend’s wedding after he got them together to sing for him as a wedding present. After the performance and seeing that the wedding guests loved it, they decided to form a group and started performing for bigger crowds. It was a pleasure capturing this band performing for its fans.

Being able to see all the amazing artists has been such an honour and taking photos of them while they perform is what keeps North Water Star passionate about photographing artists. Every experience is unique and refreshing, and that is why we are always looking forward to the next show.

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