Divya Karan weds Karishma Dhawan

Indian style, traditional and charming wedding photo album: Divya Karan and Karishma Dhawan chose to become one soul in a ceremony full of joy and customary festivities. Excitement and love was surely in the air, and North Water Star was there to capture the essence of this blessed union from the pre-wedding ceremonies and festivities all the way to the blessed day.

We were there to take photos of Divya during her mehendi ceremony. Her hands and feet were painted with intricate designs that displayed how Indians love elegance and beauty. The ceremony was indeed a close and intimate affair as Divya’s family and relatives gathered together to celebrate this joyous pre-wedding ceremony. No one could stop her from displaying her beautiful smile, especially during her one-on-one phone shoot.

We also had a chance to take photos of the party that usually takes place the night before the wedding in order to give the family members from both sides a chance to meet and get to know one another. The guest looked elegant in their fashionable Indian attires. Diya and Karishma looked lovely together as the posed for pictures with family and guest. The night was fun and people chatted and danced in honour of Diya and Karishma. Tomorrow was their big day!

The wedding was full of the delightful ceremonies that are usually found at these kind of traditional affairs, and the guest dressed to match the occasion in their vibrant and traditional clothing. One of the highlights was the beauty of Karishma as she was escorted to meet her groom. The couple could not stop looking at each other and smiling as the intimate ceremony commenced. Every single part of the journey culminated into this fantastic day, and they got to share it will family, relatives, and friends. Their bond was strengthened and made permanent, and everyone wished them everlasting happiness.

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