Elvis Gonsalves Weds Divya Mathew

International style, romantic and charming photo reportage for your very special day. Recently, we had the honour of capturing the wedding of Elvis and Divya.

The couple went for a more traditional and intimate simple white wedding. The officiation ceremony venue was decorated in pink and white roses. It looked simple but very elegant, with family and friends honouring them with their presence to witness their union. It was a very beautiful day filled with good energy and positive vibes.

Divya wore a white lace wedding dress. She let her hair loose and wore a small white floral headband on her head. She had makeup artists available and they applied the makeup perfectly, making her beauty more radiant. She looked lovely and could not help but smile while she waited for the big moment. Her bridal party of three wore blue and gold dresses with head gear that matched. Her maid of honour wore a green and gold dress.

The groom and groomsmen looked charming and neat in their black suits. Ready for the day, the bridal party and the soon-to-be married couple left for the officiation venue. Divya was escorted by her father down the aisle while music played in the background to mark their graceful entrance. Standing in front of their family and friends, the priest, and God, they exchanged their vows and were pronounced man and wife.

After the officiation ceremony, the newlyweds and their guest left for the reception, where food and drinks were served and festivities continued. People ate, drunk, and danced in celebration of the two love birds and their blessed union. Elvis and Divya had their first dance as man and wife, and it was a very heart-warming moment. It was such a marvellous day that was filled with laughter, excitement, and emotion; a very beautiful start of in new chapter for the lucky couple.

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