Fashion Look

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This photo shoot was amazing, and we enjoyed working with our models, stylists, and makeup artists. We had three different sets for the photo shoot: outside, indoors, and in a stunning photo studio. Our models were easy to work with and this made the portfolio come together nicely – being the photogenic professionals they are, this was not a surprise.

For the first set, we took some photos on the balcony with one of the female models. She was dressed in a black trouser and tank top. Her looked was finished with a white lace jacket. The makeup artist curled her hair and let it loose and applied light make up on her. The model was a natural, making it very easy to work with as she made looking that good seem very easy.

For the second shoot, another of our female models posed for the camera indoors on a couch. This was a short and epic photo shoot. Our stylist worked on her and she looked really nice. The main focus on this photo session was on the models clothes and look – not the background.

For the final set, we took the photo shoot to the studio. With our male model – another natural – the pictures came out very nicely. On his first set, the stylists dressed him up in casual clothes, a pair of jeans, a black T-shirt, and a black and white shirt with checkers. Some accessories were added in as well, such as a hat and some aviator shades to give him a trendy look.

For the last set, he went shirtless showing off his abs. Our model was very confident in his body and the resulting photos were stunning.

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