Garima Jain weds Kumar Ray

Garima Jain and Kumar Ray met through FLOH, which is a company that connects single people. The idea for FLOH was born out of conversations between single friends – the men are always complaining that there aren’t any single women, and the single women are usually wondering where all the single men have vanished to. And yet, it’s apparent that there is an abundance of single men and women around.

FLOH is successful in getting singles to meet and connect and is a proud organization to that has seen over ten of the couples it has connected get married.

North Water Star was honoured to be a part of this special wedding for a couple that met on FLOH. Both of their family, relatives, and friends came to witness these two become husband and wife. The main wedding ceremony was indoors. Garima wore a beautiful red and gold lehenga and put on red bracelets, gold jewellery with her hair was tied in a bun. Kumar wore a gold sherwani with some red accents.

Garima, who was escorted by her uncles, met her soon-to-be husband under a red mandap. Surrounded by their guest, the couple stood in the middle of the mandap, exchanged their garlands, and began the ceremony.

In front of their guest, the priest lit up the sacred fire and summoned the gods to be a part of this special day. Garima and Kumar exchanged their vows and did some traditional wedding rituals. The priest prayed for them and blessed them.

Kumar applied kumkum on Garima’s forehead to symbolize her marital status, and the two of them were official married. After the ceremony, the couple greeted, hugged, and thanked them their guest for attending. Pictures were taken and food was served. This was such a memorable day for these two love birds and FLOH, too, because this wedding would not have happened without them.

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