Gita Budhrani Weds Suman Patnaik

The Beautiful Couple tied the knot at the Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangalore. This Wedding Photography is a gift to her for wonderful things she has done for us. It was a beautiful wedding under the sky at night, stars sparkling and lights shining. A Mandap was built and the decorations were gorgeous. It was a romantic set and the atmosphere was so cool. The couple’s guests arrived at the venue and got seated while waiting for the couple to arrive.

Gita, escorted by her parents, made her way down the Mandap to her husband to-be and her guest couldn’t help but turn and admire her. She looked very beautiful in her exquisite lehenga, it was a mixed colour lehenga with gold details – she wore it very well. Suman, who was waiting for her on the Mandap, wore a blue sherwani with flower details and a turban. Gita’s father gave her away to her husband to-be. They exchanged their garlands and in the presence of a priest, the marriage ceremony commenced.

Like any other traditional Indian wedding, Gita and Suman went with the traditional rituals and vows. After the Kanyadaan (giving away of the bride) they had a Panigrahana ceremony. This is where Suman lit the sacred fire and accepted his bride as his wife. They later had the Saptapadi ritual (seven step ritual) where they walked around the fire while holding hands and tied together. The bride led the circuit first then they switched and Suman led the circuit while the priest blessed their marriage. Some more rituals followed and the amazing couple became one.

After the wedding ceremony on a night that was full of smiles and traditional songs, Gita was escorted to her husband’s house to start her new journey as a married lady. We wish them all the best as they start this new chapter.

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