Khushboo Dhawan Weds Rishabh Panchhi

Dehradun was filled with wedding flowers as the biggest production event company’s son Rishabh Panchhi was getting married to Khushboo Dhawan.

During their Sangeet party, the night before the main wedding, the to-b bride and groom joined their family, relatives and friends in celebration of their love. It was a very great turnout and people enjoyed themselves immensely. The couple couldn’t stop showing off their engagement rings and their guests kept approaching them to take pictures with them. The love birds were over the moon and couldn’t help but smile at each other. Food, drinks, and music was a definite, and people danced and laughed and as the evening’s festivities reached their climax.

Their wedding was an evening outdoor ceremony. With a beautiful mandap built and lights shining, the guests arrived to witness the union of the beautiful couple. Khushboo wore a red lehenga with 21 bangles selected by her relatives. She looked strikingly beautiful. Her fiancé, Rishabh, wore a cream white sherwani and a turban, which had him looking very handsome. They joined their guests under the mandap, and the couple exchanged garlands and began the wedding ceremony.

After a few rituals were done in the presence of the priest, Rishabh applied kumkum on his bride’s forehead. After that, their clothes were tied together and they took the seven steps around the sacred fire while holding hands. The priest chanted the seven blessings to them as they took the steps. After the wedding ceremony, fireworks exploded in celebration of the newlyweds, the couple thanked their guests for attending their special day and pictures were taken together with the guest to commemorate the occasion.

After the wedding the couple left for their new home. Finally, led by Rishabh’s mother, Khushboo took her first step in her new home with kumkum paste on her feet.

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