North Water Star got an opportunity to capture spectacular pictures of Ladakh. We took a little photography tour to Ladakh to capture its beautiful landscapes and mountains. But first, let us talk about Ladakh and what makes it such a great place besides it stunning beauty.
Ladakh is a place of great cultural and historical significance that adds on top of its breath-taking views. It is located in the north-western part of Jammu and Kashmir, which is in the northern region of India. Ladakh boarders two other countries: Tibet in the east and China in the far north.
Historic fact: India and China are in dispute over the Askai Chin boarder and even fought a brief war in the 1962 over it and Arunachal Pradesh (a state in the north-eastern region of India). These days, the dispute is largely over thanks to an agreement signed in 1993 and 1996.
You will find many cultures in Ladakh, even though the people (also known as Ladakhis) are scattered here and there (it’s quit a big place). About 50% of Ladakh’s population is made up Shia Muslims while Buddhists of Tibetan decent make up the rest of the population. One is sure to enjoy some amazing Tibetan cuisines and Buddhist festivals featuring great and loud music when they decide to sample the culture here.
These days, Ladakh is a must-go tourist destination and many people go there to experience the amazing sites. Such things are attractive to photographers like ourselves, so we just had to go. We took the opportunity to photograph some amazing panoramic photos of this amazing region on a bright and, mostly, sunny day. We hope anyone seeing these shots will decide to take the trip and go see Ladakh for themselves, but in the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our gallery.

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