Luxury Yachts & Jets

North Water Star provides high-end photography for boats by being able to capitalize on the time frame. Since photography is all about light, North Water Star puts precision on timing as a key, and the best time to take boat pictures is sunrise and sunset for the best lighting.

The colour balance is less contrasted and warmer during the early hours of the day and later in the day. Perfect timing of the photos evokes an intimate feeling and gives you an insight to what the photographer was aiming for. North Water Star shows experience in being able to catch the atmosphere in the photo. Slight wind conditions make it possible to capture the sail which translates into perfect running shots, and with the perfect lighting the reflection is also captured which shows the high quality lenses and cameras used by North Water Star.

The photographer manages to bring the photos to life by being able to capture the colour combinations. As most boats are white with clear skies, the different colour clothing of the passengers on board makes the photos vividly flamboyant. From the photos, you can tell the passengers on board are having a great time enjoying the lavishness of the boats.

North Water Star also manages to capture the luxurious interior of the boats by perfectly illustrating the posh leather and wooden interior. A photos are able to display to you the pure meaning of luxury, since we were able to capture the exquisiteness of the interior, which makes them desirable to take a ride in.

The photography by North Water Star is both clear-cut and subtle when it comes to capturing perfect photos of boats. The luxurious lifestyle is one that is alluring, and we have perfect eye for, which guides in take these spectacular photos of great boats.

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