Manoj Nuthakki weds Vijaya Velagapudi

Manoj Nuthakki weds Vijaya Velagapudi – A big fat Indian Telugu wedding that North Water Star covered for the first time. A wedding full of traditional events and rituals, which we were honoured to be a part of on this great, auspicious day.

Manoj and Vijaya had a traditional multi-day wedding. The day before the wedding a haldi ceremony took place. Manoj and his family came together at his parents’ house for this ceremony. Turmeric paste was applied on his face, hands, and leg. His single friends and relatives also had the paste applied on their body as well. Everyone who was participating had a great time.

On their wedding day, family and friends gathered to be a part of the memories that were being made. The bride and groom were brought to the mandap, and the ceremony commenced. A terasalla (opulent curtain) was placed between them so that they don’t see each other until the ceremony ended. Vows were exchanged and offerings were made. After the ceremony Vijaya’s parents offered her to her husband, and the curtain was lifted.

Then the main event of the wedding started, and the Jeelakarra-Bellamu ceremony (Jeelakarra-Bellamu means cumin and jaggery) was performed to the delight of their parents. Cumin and jaggery was placed in the couples hands, and they placed the paste on each other’s heads. Afterwards, they were pronounced man and wife.

After a change of clothes, the couple joined their guests again and the ceremony continued. A few more rituals happened and it was a very fun and enjoyable night. The couple showered each other with rice mixed with turmeric to symbolize the joy and happiness of their marriage, and they exchanged their garlands. Their family sprinkled rice on them as a symbol of showering the newlyweds with blessings.

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