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Hi Namita,

North Water Star is proud to associate with you and we would like to offer you the Quote to which suits your convenience. Before we begin, we would like to share something with you.

North Water Star stands for Luxury Art. Our Work is an Illustration of Fine Art. All of our Wedding Bookings have come through Word of Mouth.

We were recently awarded in the top 10 by Tamron Photography Contest All over India (among the 7000 applicants) for Photographers of the Year 2014

The philosophy behind our pricing is to be simple and straight-forward.   A number of factors helped us determine the right price for our services and products; and they include the following:

1) Style and Consistency – As you look through our work, you’ll see consistency in a style of photography and post production that is unique to our studio.

2) Service – At any point in the process, before, during, and after the wedding, you’ll have two or more points of contact with our studio: the full-time studio manager as well as your lead photographer. Having two people, ensures that we’ll always get back to you quickly and we’ll always be available.

2) Post Production – Having a full-time post production specialists and a part time post production specialists, trained in our unique and original style and working inside of the studio, ensures that our images are consistent and they are completed and delivered soon after the wedding. We post produce every image we deliver.

3) No Upsell – Our packages contain a varying amount of Albums, Sign in Books, Enlargements, and hours of coverage. However, in every package, we include the image DVD of full-resolution, fully-post produced JPEGS. We’re not here to upsell on products after the wedding or throw in hidden costs.

4) Equipment – We’re using top-of-the-line equipment as you can see here in our equipment listings given below. We’re not just showing up with a camera and a couple lenses, but instead, we’re equipped with the lighting equipment necessary to make the most out of any scene.

5) Backups – All images are backed up on site, taken into the studio and backed up twice and uploaded to an off site backup location.

6) Qualified Second Shooters – We’ve the right people for our Gigs for the right kind of events we cover. Most of them are well qualified and have shot a lot of events that we cover and we know they will be well behaved, professional and produce top quality service going forward.

References: We have Strong and Very Positive references we can pass on to you for our wedding work and work in other fields if you need any. You can also check out our Testimonial Tabs too.

We also have a FAQ Tab for any or all Questions you may have.

Based upon the information provided, details as provided by you :

September 20-23rd : 3 day wedding with the wedding happening on 22nd September.

Below is our Package Illustration :

The Earth Package : Still Photography 

INR: 1,50,000 (All Inclusive) – Sep 20-23rd Functions with Blurb Books Productions 

  1. Three day of photography with no restrictions on hours
  2. We would deliver between 400-900 Edited images that will cover your entire wedding story during that day. As we said nothing would be left behind. If there are more images, we will over deliver.
  3. Includes a shoot that will cover all the detail shots of the wedding, Jewelry shots, Wedding Dress Shots, Getting Ready Shots, and so many things that has taken you to prepare for that wedding day will be covered.
  4. Two Photographers will be spread around the wedding venue taking group pictures of family and friends. We will make sure all your close friends and guests are covered and we will run through a list of those with you prior to the wedding.
  5. The wedding Book will be provided with BLURB which will be Premium Matte Finish or top of the Line Quality Premium Pro Line Pearl Paper. It will have a minimum of 40 spreads/80 pages and consist of the best 200-300 photographs. Each Additional copy will cost INR 15,000 if required.
    • You can decide which book you want, what size you want, what paper quality you wish to chose and its finish from scratch to finish and we will help you work with that. The Link for this book is (
    • Our books are so beautiful and cost efficient because of the number of weddings we cover thus the savings from which is passed back to our customers. In fact Blurb works with very selected photographers and companies and we are proud to associate with them. The Book that you will be getting will be the quality many will appreciate. Trust us.
    • ( Pro Line Pearl Finish and the many details you would like to know about your book)
  6. –  A link to all of our Coffee Books Published
  7. A Pre or Post Wedding Shoot Complimentary
  8. Lastly, our famous web gallery with password protection that you can share to all your friends and relatives all over the world, a selection of the best moments of your wedding.
  9. An example of our behind the scenes shoot for your preview :

THE REEL LIFE : A Cinematic Experience : Price Quote based on hours requirement for all the 3 day Ceremony. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.59.15 PM

  1. For the Cinema Portion, A Team of 2-3 People. 10-12 Mins of Total Wedding Film including interviews talks and voiceovers which will be your Final Output. It will include 1-2 Minutes of Trailer/Teaser Quite Liked by a lot of Clients.
  2. For Cinematic Wedding Film: NIKON top quality cameras and Go Pros for Point of View shots, SLIDERS, STEADY CAMS ETC
  3. Your Cinema Content Final Output will take a Minimum of 30-45 Days for delivery from the first cut Video.
  4. Their Costings involves INR 40,000 ( 3-5 Hour Session) and INR 70,000 ( Full Day Session)


Apart from the Above Two, we also provide Clients with KISS Books ( A Different Vendor for Uber Experience Coffee Table Books)

    1. We partner with KISS Books (
    2. Our books are so beautiful and cost efficient because we do a large number of high profile weddings and we get savings from it which is passed back to our customers. In fact KISS works with very selected photographers and companies and we are proud to associate with them. The Book that you will be getting will be the quality you will appreciate.Trust us when you see these books in person.
  1. KISS Books have Linen feel to it that have textured, linen covers and pages that are glued back-to-back (without any material between them). Linen Books are thinner and lighter, making them great for portrait, engagement, or sign-in books.


  • Cost for producing a LINEN KISS book for 10 spreads/20 pages inclusive of shipping approx. – INR 12,000
  • Cost for producing a LINEN KISS book for 20 spreads/40 pages inclusive of shipping approx. – INR 20,000 
  • Cost for producing a LINE KISS book for 40 spreads/80 pages inclusive of shipping approx. – INR 40,000 

The Above Prices are for Clients who would like to Purchase our KISS Books separate from the Package deal.Kiss Books

We regularly take up assignments throughout Indian Sub Continent and Worldwide– with a base in Bangalore. Usually clients arranges/pays for extra charges like ground travel charges to/fro airport, local transportation, airport transfers, accommodation and food for the duration of the shoot.

You will have to sign a wedding photography agreement with us as well which basically covers all the details and terms of the wedding photography. This can be an email approval also. Once the booking payment is cleared, our wedding photographers and project directors will get in touch with the bride and bridegroom to discuss the package and requirements at length.

Equipment: We shoot with Nikon Flagship Bodies and Profoto Lighting. Because we shoot Fashion, Electronic Dance Music Events, Lifestyle, Yachts and Airplanes, our work is very versatile and its been a collection of these over the years.Going into this wedding, you can be rest assured that you have hired the best crew.


Starting with camera bodies, our studio uses the most current and high-performing wedding photography camera bodies available to date, the Nikon D4. Each of our master photographers is equipped with one of the following primary and backup bodies.

  1. Primary camera body: Nikon D 4
  2. Backup camera body: Nikon D 810
  3. Backup camera body: Nikon D 750


Our studio purchases only high-end professional L quality lenses in order to get the best sharpness, contrast and saturation straight from our camera. Our lenses consist of multiple:

    1. Nikon 70-200mm F/2.8 VR II Telephoto Lens
    2. Nikon 24-70 mm F/2.8 Standard Zoom Lens for Nikon SLR Cameras
    3. Nikon 50 mm F/1.4 G Portrait
    4. Nikon 24 mm F/1.4 G ED – Wide Angle Lens for Nikon SLR Cameras
    5. Nikon 16 mm f/2.8 Fish eye Lens for Nikon SLR Cameras
    6. Nikon 85 mm f/1.8 Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras



Our studio is also equipped with full studio lighting equipment and remote triggering systems including multiple:

  1. Nikon Speed Lights SB-900, SB-910 for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras
  2. PocketWizard TT5 and TT1 Nikon Transceiver (Black)
  3. Profoto B1 500 Watts and Profoto D1 1000 Watts Lighting System
  4. Profoto Light Shaping Tools – Parabolic Umbrella, Reflectors, Magnum Reflectors, Beauty Dish


  1. iMac 27 inch Late 2012 Edition
  2. IPAD Air 2014 Remote Access


  1. Photoshop CS56
  2. Wacom Pro Intuos Pen Tablet Special Edition
  3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom V5
  4. Capture One Pro Version 8


Terms and conditions:
Booking policy:


  • If you would like to reserve a date for your photography session or wedding, we take 100% of the agreed amount fee.  In case of cancellation, charges of 25% will be kept as a retainer. 
  • The DVD/Online delivery will take 4-6 weeks from the day of shooting. Unlike the traditional photographers we will not be able to deliver the images just after the shoot. We will sort, edit and color correct the pictures before delivery. But, we would like to give you a sample of edited images of each wedding functions to share on Media Platforms to all your friends maybe a couple of days after the wedding. 
  • Tiff and JPEGs (high resolution images) will be given. 
  • I retain copyright to all the images and will use some of the images on our website and for promoting our work in magazines and exhibitions. As an artist i consider each picture as a piece of art  and thus would want to show case it. In cases, where a client does not want the pictures to be displayed anywhere, we will be charging a higher photography fee. The Client is free to use it anywhere. There is no restrictions. 
  • The creative photography album will be designed by me. You will be given the online preview for two iterations if needed.
  • Cancellation policy for Weddings:

  • In the unlikely event that North Water Star is the party canceling the appointment, the retainer fee is fully refundable and a photography team will be booked. We have many alternatives to good wedding photographers all over the country in case of emergency. 
  • This quote is valid for 15 days from receipt of this email. 

Our Recent Work from a few weddings,

canvas 01 canvas 02 canvas 03

Untitled-2 S&S-09


We Look forward to working with you and your wonderful folks.  


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