Nikhil Nagarajan weds Swapna

Intimate, professional, and natural style wedding photography. Discover here the elegant wedding photo set of Nikhil Nagarajan and Swapna. Like many Indian weddings, Nikhil and Swapna had a multi-day wedding that was filled with traditional ceremonies and rituals.

Before the big day, a Nischitartham ceremony took place. This is an engagement ceremony where the wedding is officially fixed. It was a grand event, where family, relatives, and friends came together to witness this engagement and officially set the wedding date and time. The two love birds exchanged rings and the bride was showered with so many gifts; mostly jewellery. Family, relatives, and friends took pictures together and they chatted and sang together.

After the Nischitartham ceremony, there was an outdoor party (the sangeet ceremony) at night. It was a spectacular night, with lights shining everywhere and people ready to party with the soon-to-be husband and wife. Drinks were served, food was eaten and games were played, and traditional Bollywood dances – a must at most pre-wedding events – had people dancing and having a good time while the night went by quickly. It was a fun night with loved ones, and it made for very nice way for the soon-to-be bride and groom to let loose and release some pre-wedding stress and jitters.

On the wedding night, people gathered under an indoor Mandap, and with a priest available, Nikhil and Swamps became one. After a few rituals were done, the very fun part of wedding began where the bride and groom showered each other with a mixture of rice and turmeric. It was just a fun moment, since the newlyweds couldn’t stop throwing the mixture at each other while laughing and smiling. Family and friends joined in and helped them throw the mixture at each other. It was such a fun and romantic wedding, the kind of wedding many people will never forget.

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