Parul Chitlangia weds Nishant

North Water Star offers photography throughout India, and recently had the privilege of capturing the Parul Chitlangia and Nishant beautiful traditional wedding. Take a look at the fantastic images we took of the wedding and let them tell the story of how we were able to capture the essence of this beautiful and joyous occasion celebrating the union of souls.
The night before the wedding, Parul and Nishant had their customary sangeet party, where their two families met for a nightof bonding and festivities. They sang and danced in honour of the lovely couple and how much joy and happiness they bring into each other’s lives.
As Nishant was getting ready on the morning of the wedding, she was experiencing a range of emotions and could not hold in the tears when she spoke with her mother over the phone.This call is customary, and the mother gets a chance to express how proud she is. The venue was charming, cheerful, and beautifully-decorated with plenty of flowers. It was also by the sea! Every things was set to make this occasion happy, and the guest who wore a range of colourful suits and gowns in keeping with traditions.
Parul’s Barat was a carnival-style progression towards the wedding with plenty of music and dancing from his family and some performers, who were all singing and dancing. He arrived using a Bajaj Tuktuk that was decorated with red and yellow flowers instead of the traditional white horse. The look on his face showed a man so proud and happy. After this, everyone’s eyes were fixed towards the waters as Nishant graciously arrived on a boat whilesmiling and filled with joy.
Over the next few hours the ceremonies began.Their love was cemented in pure traditional fashion, with rituals like jaymala (which looked very fun), the exchanging of rings, rajaham, and saptapadi. By the time the ceremony was over, people did not doubt that they had experienced an eternal bond between two souls.

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