Raj weds Shraddha, Tamarind Tree

Specializing in candid wedding photography, we had the honour of capturing Raj and Shraddha’s gorgeous ceremony. Browse their colourful photos and see more of stunning photography in action.

Under a mandap, Raj and Shaddha participated in rituals that bonded their souls for all eternity. They had a very short traditional wedding, which took place at the Tamarind Tree in India. In the presence of a priest and a few family and friends around to witness this beautiful day.

The bride and groom exchanged their garlands first while facing the priest. A sacred fire was lit up in order to summon Agni (God of fire) to witness their commitment to each other. Then they made an offering of sandalwood, sweet rice and oil to the sacred fire. It was lovely to watch as it was to capture this breath taking ritual.

Then the priest gave Raj a magalsutra (Wedding necklace) and he placed it around his bride’s neck as a symbol of his devotion to his bride and then he applied haldi on it. Now Shraddha knew she was truly his.

Raj and Shaddha then exchanged rings as a symbol of their unity and holiness and of perfection and peace. The priest then put varamala (a sacred rope) on their neck to show that they are married.

The bride and groom then walked around the fire four times while tied to each other while the priest was praying for them with each turn they made. Then they took seven steps together as a symbol of a beginning of their lives together.

After the ceremony they later took a simple but fun photo shoot as the newlyweds. The first set, they wore their wedding garments then they later changed into other clothes. Raj wore a black trouser, white shirt and a blue blazer and Shaddha wore a pink and gold sari. She finished her look with black aviators. They both looked dashing on their big day.

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