Sabrina Weds Jason

From dressing up to their farewell, North Water Star photographers shot the best pictures of Sabrina and Jason’s wedding. Click here to find more photos.

Family and friends gathered together to celebrate with Sabrina and Jason on their big day. Sabrina wore an armless wedding dress and white veil and let her hair loose, and her husband to-be wore a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. The two love birds joined their family and friends and before God and their guests, they exchanged their vows and become one.

They later went back to their hotel room along with their close friends to wait for their guests to arrive at the reception. The couple and their friends posed for a few pictures and took some tequila shots -what better way is there to pass the time than with a few shots of tequila to calm the nerves? It was such a fun time. Lots of giggles and jokes we’re exchanged, and Jason stole a few glances at his beautiful wife.

Later that night the newlyweds and their friends left for the reception, The North Water Star team took a few photos before they stepped into their cars to drive off. The reception setting was beautiful and people dressed to kill on this night. It was a very memorable night full of laughs and jokes, and the groomsmen were extra cheerful as they spiced up the night for Jason and Sabrina with silly dance moves.

The best man made a toast to the newlyweds. The bride had a dance with her father and then her husband. On this night, everyone was feeling sentimental, you could tell with energy that flowed through the room that this will be a night to remember for Jason, Sabrina and everyone who made it special.

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