Shruti Siag & Shashwat Sachdev

There were plenty of tears and laughter in this beautiful wedding ceremony for Shruti Siag and Shashwat Sachdev. These two love birds have known each other and remained close since childhood in one of India’s largest cities, Jaipur.

This was a long tale of a romance that grew deeper with age and its culmination on one eventful night in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The couple and their guest experienced a range emotions during the ceremony, which was understandable, and North Water Star were there to capture it and tell the story.

On the morning of the wedding we took photos of Shashwat’s haldi ceremony. The groom’s family members laughed and celebrated with him as they applied turmeric paste on his face and poured milk on him.

The wedding ceremony was heartfelt, elegant, and combined traditional overtones with modern touches. Guest smiled at the camera and there were plenty of warm greetings and hugs celebrating how it all came together beautifully. It was a great night for Shruti and Shashwat to get married. The venue glowed amidst the lights and colourful decorations.

Shashwat looked dashing his in formal black suit and saga (wedding turbine), and people sang and danced at his arrival. By the time Shruti arrived, people could barely contain themselves. The waterworks began as she was escorted to meet her groom while wearing her traditional bridal lehenga. As more hugs were shared between the couple and the parents of the bride, not even Shashwat could hold back his tears.

When people who have known each other this long get married, it feels like destiny. That is why North Water Star was honoured to witness this along with all the people that have seen them grow into each other. This night in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Shruti Siag and Shashwat made their friendship permanent in a stunning traditional-meets-modern wedding ceremony.

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