Uday & Savitha

Choose North Water Star to have an exclusive, enchanting and vibrant photo reportage for your wedding. Here you will find one of my great works for Uday and Savitha. The couple chose to have a wedding photo shoot that was very intimate and personal. It was a white wedding! And our professional photography did the couple justice.

Love is a beautiful concept and marriage materialises it and places it in the hands of two people who want to be with each other always and forever. And it is easy to tell that this is the case between Uday and Savitha.

Before the couple got into wedding mode, we were able to snap a few photos of them in an informal settings as they spent the day together. We took photos of them walking and reading a book. It is easy to see how closely connected they are and at peace with the prospect of getting married.

On their wedding, Uday looked impeccable, sophisticated, and gentlemanly in his wedding suit, and Savitha looked stunning and gorgeous in her white dress and veil. Her makeup was simple and perfect.

On this day, Uday and Savitha choose to be photographed while they were at their most intimate and display the passion they for one another. The couple were so photogenic, and North Water Star were able to capture a few sweet moments between them. Just take a look at the photo we took of the couple during their boat ride as they held and stared at each other in one photo and shared a passionate kiss in another.

Although Indian weddings can be traditional, colourful, and full of ceremonies, rituals, and festivities, Uday and Savitha reminds us that they can also be a private, simple, and closely intimate affair that is completely modern and sentimental. North Water Star felt blessed to be a part of making this couples big day memorable.

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