Upasana Weds Varun Rai

North Water Star offers photography throughout India, USA and Middle East. We recently had the pleasure of capturing the special wedding day Upasana and Varum.

Before the mehendi ceremony, Upasana and Varum had a sangeet ceremony. Family and friends came together to dance, eat, and laugh. Friends performed and danced to Bollywood music, jokes were shared and stories were told to commemorate the happy occasion.

We then attend the lovely mehendi the night before the main wedding ceremony and took some stunning photos of the beautiful bride to-be. Mehendi, also known as Henna, is a paste that is associated with good luck and good spirits. The bride’s family organised the ceremony for her and her close relatives were there.

Next, the final ceremony, which was the main wedding, commenced. The groom and his relatives arrived before the bride, and a few pictures were taken. Varum was officially welcomed into the family by the bride’s parents and it was truly heart-warming scene.

Varum was carried by his brothers to the mandap with a Garland in his hands, and when Upasana arrived, she was carried there as well by her uncles while also carrying a Garland. The priest then blessed their marriage, and then Varum applied kumkum (mixture of turmeric and lemon) on Upasana’s forehead as a symbol of her marital status. Both their parents came by the mandap and blessed their marriage and threw rose petals at them.

After the ceremony, the final ritual of the night took place called the Vidaai. Upasana embraced her mother as she said goodbye. She then turned around, took a few steps back and threw rice behind her and towards her mother as a symbol of paying her back for everything she has done since she was born.

The newlyweds were then escorted to the car, and the bride’s cousins and brother helped push the car signifying a head start to their sister’s new journey.

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