Vaidehi Weds Snehit, Tamarind Tree

Indian weddings are famous for their energetic atmosphere and charming but meaningful wedding rituals that make the entire event a true spectacle to behold. The Tamarind Tree is the perfect place to bring the atmosphere and excitement of such a glorious event to life, and it is here that Vaidehi and Snehit decided to wed in front of their family and friends. Every one celebrated well into the evening and left knowing they witnessed something special.

Everything was set for Vaidehi and Snehit’s wedding; from the lights and flowers to the elegantly decorated mandap where the main ceremony will take place. Even the décor on the table looked amazing; showing that a lot of planning took place, which usually means that the stress levels were also high to pull off something so perfect. North Water Star could not resist but take pictures of the stunning scenery of the decorations in the day and candles in the water at night.

The preparations for the ceremony were hectic and everyone handled them with the grace and cooperation to make this a truly special day for Vaidehi and Snehit. When the wedding commenced, there was joy and dancing in celebration of the couple as they each made their respective entrances. Weddings in India are very emotional events and there was plenty of laughter and tears of happiness.

There were a lot of vibrant, traditional gowns worn by the women in attendance, making this event colorful, bright, and happy. The rituals were performed in a meaningful but fun way. Vaidehi and Snehit were beaming with love and eagerness as they understood the rituals were strengthening their bond to one another. When the union was official, rice was thrown to mark the occasion, and there was enough jubilation that it made us chaffed to attend. The couple’s journey towards each other had come to an end and they will go out in the world together as husband and wife.

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