Vedika Kejriwal

North Water Star’s specialized romantic and charming wedding photography made Vedika Kejriwal and her guests never forget your wedding day experience.

She organised a simple and amazing traditional-meets-modern wedding that had the heart of their heritage intact but combined it with some nice personal touches. Vedika and her groom to-be were always smiling, making every photo an opportunity for North Water Star to capture an everlasting memory for them on this splendid and auspicious day. This was a bond that will last for ages.

Nothing can beat the planning and preparation that goes into making an event like this the bright, charming, and fun event it deserves to be, and Vedika did a splendid job. Indian Weddings have several ceremonies with plenty of rituals to observe that can blur the line between fun and formal. It is what make these weddings an event that people look forward to and rarely forget.

Verdika and her groom to-be went through some wardrobe changes, and we were able to take photos of both of them wearing traditional clothing that was true to their heritage in an intimate photo shoot.

The pre-wedding engagement party seemed to be a place where the couple and everyone else were set to let loose. Family, relatives, and friends came together on this night before the main event to get familiar with one another in a more relaxed environment. This event allowed the couple to mentally prepare for D-day by chucking away the stress and jitters for some singing and dancing with the people closest to them.

When D-day arrived, the venue was beautifully-decorated with colourful flowers and bright table and chair cloths. The men looked smart in their suits, and the women looked elegant in their vibrant traditional gowns. The union between Vedika and her groom was celebrated the only way Indians know how – with song and dance. People smiled and got sentimental. It was a perfect way to witness the union of two souls.

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