Ashraf Lakhani Weds Dippy Farishta

North Water Star were on scene in Paris as Ashraf Lakhani and Dippy Farista had their wedding in the one of the most romantic cities on the earth. The smiles and laughter that dominate the entire photo shoot only served to show how much Ashraf and Farista are truly in love and make each other happy. Although the wedding was largely traditional, as they observed many rituals present in Indian weddings that strengthen the bond between two people, they was also a dash of contemporariness to it.

On the days leading to the wedding, we took photos of the lovely couple outdoors in various locations as they held each other – looking very close and intimate. Ashraf looked smart and handsome and keeps his clothing smart and casual throughout while Dippy switched between casual and traditional clothing – looking stunning and beautiful. The two of them are a photogenic couple.

One of the pre-wedding rituals we had the chance to capture was the Ashraf’s vibrant haldi ceremony. He wore traditional clothing that soon got covered by turmeric paste as his relatives covered him in it. It started to look like a food fight as we were able to capture Ashraf smearing it on others as well. Everyone looked like they were having fun, which is a good thing because planning a traditional wedding is stressful but worth it.

When the big day arrived, the celebrations were at their peak. On this night, the men wore casual suits while the women wore traditional gowns to echo the rituals that were about to take place. No gown could match the one Dippy wore. It made her look vibrant and her beauty more radiant, making her the highlight of the ceremony. Both couples looked happy to be starting a new life together and took part in the wedding rituals with great joy. It was an intimate ceremony between them and close relatives.

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