Destination Wedding | Jaipur

A Pre-Wedding candid photography shoot covered by North Water Star in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India with the finest Destination Wedding Photographers of India.

We had a chance to steal away these two lovely couple before they were to wed for some truly natural and exceptional photos. This couple looked elegant and graceful, which this is reflected in every photo we took. The wedding was set to be a traditional affair, and North Water Star has taken many photos of these types of weddings to know that this couple was in for something colourful, festive, and culturally significant.

It was a bright and sunny day in one of largest cities in northern India, making it perfect for an outdoor shoot. The couple were a natural and acted is if we weren’t there; this is what is at the heart of candid photography – the ability to capture life itself as it happens in front of our eyes. It also helped that we were able to stay out of sight and just let them do their thing.

The groom to-be looked distinguished and the man knew how to properly accessorise for his big day. His sherwani was sleek and traditional, but it also had some modern touches to it, like the pink pocket square, which added a bit of class to his outfit. But the most striking accessory he had is the sword that he had in his hand.

The bride was beautiful and wore a lovely pink wedding lehenga that had charming gold details. Such colourful attire is customary in Indian weddings, giving them a sense of joy and vitality. The jewellery on her hands and head perfectly coordinated with her dress, especially the gold details.

Overall, this was a great photo shoot and we had a great time with the couple and showing our candid photography in action in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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