North Water Star captures the smiles, best moments, and mesmerizing backgrounds by using their best photographers in India, USA, UAE and Singapore.

You have heard it said before that a picture says a thousand words. We aren’t people who are that much into clichés, but in this case, this cliché just happens to be true. Everyone needs the best portrait of themselves or family and friends to have something as close to a tangible memory that tells a story about a particular time in their life. Everyone has such photos in there phone, yes, but having a physical copy makes it also safe for storing in case something happens to phone.

Another cliché is that time is not always our side, we really need to make certain things last. This means we must take the time to capture photos of things that truly matter in our lives and make them everlasting, whether it is our children, parents, siblings, creative projects, or pets. Since all these people and things encompass our lives, there is great incentive to turn them into a glorious pieces of artwork that you can be enjoy over and over again.

North Water Star will take that perfect shot that will stun you and everyone who sees it. Some people don’t really know how meaningful and powerful portraits can be until they hold one in their hands and they feel a surge of emotions and even get misty-eyed sometimes.

In this gallery you can take a look at four amazing portraits we made for some very lovely individuals. As you can see, the portraits tells their own powerful stories of concepts like beauty, love, family, and youth. Let us help you tell your story through our amazing photography skills and give you something of true sentimental value – it will be a decision you won’t come to regret!