Radhika Patel weds Nirbhay Gandhi

The wedding was a tale of two souls who knew each other for many years and fell in love. A culmination of Gujarati girl and Punjabi boy. The wedding festivities were spread out over a couple of days, and they were full of traditional events and rituals that encompass the meaningfulness and festive nature of spectacular Indian wedding.

For the mehendi ceremony, Rhadhika invited her females friends and close relatives to witness this ceremony. A mehendi artist was present, who applied the mehendi on her hands and feet. It was a sunny day full of laughs and jokes as the artist had the work done. It was her final bond with her close relatives and friends before she becomes a wife.

Later on, a sangeet ceremony took place. Family and friends from both sides gathered to get to bond, dine, drink, and dance. Rhadhika wore a navy blue and gold lehenga and her husband to-be wore a black suit and a white shirt. The two families welcomed each other before in a social setting before the formal ceremony and rituals take place the following day.

Next, they had a mayun ritual event. Family and friends gathered together for the bride to-be, and they applied turmeric paste on her face to beautify her and give her blessings. It was an emotional night for Rhadhika full, and she could not hold back her tears of joy.

When the day of the actual wedding ceremony arrived, family and friends gathered at a mosque to watch Rhadhika and Nirbhay wed. The priest prayed and blessed their marriage as their hearts became permanently bound together.

Later that night, the final ceremony took place in the mandap. It was an amazing night full of traditional rituals, songs, and games; all the things that make Indian weddings fun and meaningful. Their parents washed their feet with milk and honey, and they received blessings from family and friends. The bride received her mangal sutra from get husband as symbol that she is taken.

When the ceremony ended, the bride said her goodbyes and people could tell she and her father are close, since he got too sentimental and shed a few tears. Rhadhika made such a beautiful bride and Nirbhay looked elegant in his sherwani and turban.

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