Siddharth Kanan & Neha Engagement

Mumbai Tinsel Town Celebrity Radio Star 104.8 FM Siddharth Kanan marries Neha Agarwal. Their Engagement took place at the 7 star Leela Palace Hotel, Bangalore.

Neha had her makeup artist work on her before the ceremony that day. The artist fixed her hair and applied makeup on her. She went for the Smokey eye shadow and her hair was curled and left loose on one side while pinned on the other. She wore a peach and gold lehenga along with some jewellery. She looked lovely. The radio star, Siddharth had on a navy blue sherwani with gold details and he wore khaki pants. He also had a makeup artist that groomed his face and he looked handsome on his engagement.

On arrival at the venue, the couple posed for a few photos and greeted their guest. A lot of friends, and relatives showed up for this event and the couple couldn’t help but show gratitude. They showed of their rings and Siddharth and his bride were not shy to show off how affectionate they are with each other. We even captured them kissing in front of Neha’s female friends and it was such a romantic and steamy moment that the ladies couldn’t help but admire the two love birds.

The engagement ceremony started and the couple exchanged rings to show that they now belong to each other. The bride and groom’s family members blessed their union for them to have a happy marriage. As the ceremony commenced, the guests got off their chairs and took pictures of the couple as they were exchanging their rings.

It was a beautiful traditional engagement and after the ceremony, the celebrations began. Families from both sides came together and chatted and got to know each other. Relatives and friends congratulated the couple. The wedding planning had officially started!

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