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North Water Star
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 by Jas
#jaskeyisha People dream! Northwaterstar make it happen!

This will be my next best 10 min of my life while writing this testimony, sharing every bit of my experience from wedding in India to shoot in New Zealand. First I would like to say that, these guys are crazy and to which extent they go and make things happen for a couple.

These lads walked and climbed Mount cook (8-9 hours) for us carrying 70-80 kegs of luggage to capture unrealistic shots and shoot I and my wife in freezing cold to make our movie unbelievable.

Working from 40 degree in India to -3 degree in New Zealand, never seen anyone put so much effort in to movie making. Working around Pulkeshin (producer/owner) was such a pleasure and I and my wife made them friends for life! Big shout out to Anjay and Hyatt who are the sweetest and most talented lads I have ever worked with.

Big thanks to the team from Jaipur wedding, you guys are the best of the best. We are so thankful to you all for capturing every small to big moments of our wedding.
If you sign up with North water star, you are privileged to be part of the team so passionate about their work and making dreams come true. Some of the beautiful things are:

1. Most passionate and professional bunch in the industry.

2. They are very creative and direction from producers and directors make couples dreams come true. We never felt like we were posing for camera and they made us all natural for us.

3. Commitment - North water star pays their debts as Lannister do. They are man of their words, no matter what circumstances are.

4. Best equipments avails for photography and cinema. They heavily invest in being competitive and gear up with latest equipments in the market.

5. I strongly believe communications is valuable essence during weddings. When bride, groom and families are so busy, North water star never let us down and made themselves avail at all times.

I can go on and on about my wonderful and inclined experiences with the team but I want to wish them all the best luck for future projects and I hope they will make it rain!

Thanks boys for making our wedding memorable and putting so much passion in making our wedding movie. You made me and isha both overwhelmed with your commitment and making the experience elite and most comfortable one.

I hope this movie do wonders for you as it is doing for us! Much love from Isha and I

 by Divya Jindal

It's an honour to write reviews for the North Water Star team! I'm so glad that I selected you guys. My video has come out even better than the one that had made me fallen in love with their work when I had to select my wedding photographers.

The team became like a part of our love story. They would do each and every possible thing to make it happen. They're very hardworking and creative. The very first day when my video had come out, I watched it n number of times. The songs, the funny and emotional moments they had incorporated made me laugh and cry at the same time. It's beautiful. Not just me, my sister said she watched it over and over again and has seen it more than her own wedding videos haha. Truly, they did a great job.

Some of the candid pictures have come out extremely well that I'm going to get them framed in my new apartment 🙂

Also, the team is very patient and creative. They listened to all my concerns and were ready to resolve them all. Since the company gives out a video film and pictures, don't forget to take the entire footage in a hard disk. It's very fun to watch them later on.

Infact, I've already given their reference to my cousins who are planning to get married soon.

You're doing a great job North Water Star.

Best wishes from Divya & Sahil Thakur.

 by Anisha Tiwary
My Wedding Review

Thank you Northwater Star team for shooting my wedding, although this was a family wedding really impressed with the professionalism and craft ! These photographs help you relive the beautiful moments of your wedding that fade away from your memory so quickly. The coffee book is a class apart, makes even a small weddings look larger than life. Thank you for shooting my wedding and capturing all the beautiful memories. I think for the amount of hardwork that goes behind the scene is truly impressive and i hope all your future clients understand and appreciate it. All the best, North Water Star rocks !!

 by Rahul Sam

North Water Star. These guys are not only amazing with capturing pictures for weddings or any other event but believe me they are amazing even when it comes to taking pictures or shooting a video form the Sky. Yes you heard me right "From the Sky". When I had almost lost hope in getting an Aerial photography for one of my projects. North Water Star comes to my rescue. These guys came, nailed the Job and finished it so easily with ease. Now I don't just have amazing Aerial pictures but I also have an awesome video to show my project to all our clients. Thank you North Water Star. Another project on your way !

 by Siddharth Mangharam
Testimonial Review

North Water Star has been the official photographer for several Floh events - one of which is our very popular sailing event in Mumbai. What sets them apart from other photographers is how well they frame the subjects. We have some stunning candids of the sailing event and every subject captured has been more than happy to have been.
They have also shot several couples who have gone on to get married through Floh and in every one of them the pictures speak so much beyond just the celebration. There are cheeky pictures of the couples, affectionate ones and some that bring a smile to the viewer's face. Emotions of the families are also thoughtfully caught on film.

If you are looking for someone who can add depth to any picture and go above and beyond what the event demands, North Water Star is what you are looking for!

 by Pranay Reddy

There are very few photographers who pay attention to detail and capture the memories that photographs are meant to capture. North Water star is a class apart by itself. These guys are not the regular photographers you have your event covered by. These guys become a part of the family when they shoot. Their images make you want to relive those moments all over again. They understand the importance of each and every moment and make sure, they capture the best.
Speaking from Personal experience, i have seen a lot of photographers who take some decent shots but don't work on the images post the shoot. These guys at North Water Star add so much value to a photograph by handling the unnecessary things and focusing on what makes a photograph beautiful.

Their equipment is state of the art and they don't compromise on that. Its fabulous to see the energy levels of the entire team when they shoot. They will stop at nothing until they get that image that gets them saying "Ahhh ! Now that's what I'm talking about" .

If you are looking for those images that you could sit down and see everyday and laugh at all those silly moments, those emotional moments during a wedding, the candid shots (that make people look absolutely amazing btw), North water star are the only people you should even consider.

All the best North Water Star ! Thank you for redefining photography !

 by Ganapathy Aditya

Pulkeshin and team have this crazy zest for perfection!! Their eye for detail and ability to experiment in different conditions is what truly sets them apart. Damn sweet guys who are willing to wait all day for that shot of a lifetime!!

Thank you so much for gifting us something which we'll always remember very fondly!! You guys are rockstars. May the world be your oyster!! 🙂

 by Mohit Verma

We got married last year and it was the most beautiful memories for us when my colleague at our own company who was also a full time professional photographer too for his brand North Water Star shot our wedding. “Pulkeshin has such an amazing talent for capturing ‘moments’ which is exactly what you want on your wedding day. It’s not the formal photos that remind you how great your day was – it’s the natural fun and excitement that is so important to be documented. Pulki Bhai as we lovingly call him was his ability not to miss a moment is incredible, and his energy and passion comes across in the photos. He is able to blend in so well that your guests and literally will not realise they’re being photographed. We highly recommend Pulkeshin to anyone who wants to be shot on their wedding day.

 by Behram Siganporia
Testimony to an Awesome Work

There is something special in North Water Star's photos. Their eye for detail and for capturing emotions at the perfect moment. All it takes is one special moment and it's great to see the lengths they go, only to achieve that magical photo. Started off from the bottom as a small photographer but has now grown into a skilled camera crew that now travels the world for photography assignments. Here's wishing North Water Star all the best in capturing these magical moments and making special memories.

 by Myia Singh

We wanted to tell you that we’ve watched the slideshow a million times and we absolutely LOVE what you guys have done!!! There really are no words to express just how pleased we are with the three of you and the photos. We were watching an amateur video of the wedding and we saw you guys running all around the place, in the bushes, outside through the windows and stuff. Someone in our family was like “Daaaaaang! Those guys were all over the place! I need to get some kind of event set up so I can get those guys out here and book them for something!! Job well done Guys

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